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Moving on/Transition to the Reception Class from Nursery

We aim to make sure that the move from nursery to reception is as stress free as we can make it.

During summer term before your child moves into full time school, they will visit their new classroom and if possible spend some time working with their new teacher.

When starting full-time school the children will start on several different days so that staff, pupils and parents can get to know each other more easily. Initially, the teaching in reception is similar to that in nursery, with the emphasis on learning through play. The children are taught in a variety of ways: as a class, in groups and as individuals. There is a qualified teacher and a teaching assistant with 30 children.

New to Gifford Primary school

All reception pupils regardless of being a new to Gifford or not, attend a Taster Session in the September month at school led by class teachers and approximately 5 or 6 families are invited to the class for the session eg. 9-11am.

During that period the family will receive some 1;1 time with the class teacher while the children can use activities within the classroom supported by the nursery nurse. Information such as personal information, general information that would normally be shared when on a home visit will be shared with class teacher. This allows the class teacher to meet all children coming into their class and receive one on one time before their actual start date.

Starting school in September

Starting full time education will make your child tired, even if they have attended full time nursery day care prior to coming to the school.

The day is full of new learning experiences and children are required to become familiar with many new routines and expectations.

For this reason, in our Reception Classes intakes, for the first week or so children initially come for the morning only. Their time in school is then extended to include lunchtime and following this, usually two to three weeks after starting, it is extended to cover the whole school day. Some children will need an extended settling in period and many remain part time for longer.  This is what we call staggered starting.  We operate this arrangement in the best interest of the children although, of course, we understand that it may cause temporary inconvenience to parents, particularly if both are working.

Having a staggered start to Reception enables the staff to support them in smaller groups and allows children time to become familiar with the new environment.

Preparing your child for starting school

Plan a day for practising your school morning routine.

This will help you to allow enough time on your first day but also give your child time to practise things like getting dressed into their school clothes.

When you do bring your child into school for the first few days, please could you encourage them to do these things for themselves:

  • Hang up their coat on the coat peg with their name on it.
  • Put their water bottle in the tray for water bottles.
  • Put their home learning bags in their tray.

It may seem a lot to do at first but it will quickly become an easy routine to follow and we will be there to help.