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Our School Mobile app is changing – ACTION REQUIRED (Nov 2018)

Apple and Google have made significant changes to their app publication and it is now not possible for the app designer ‘Piota’ to update our school app.

This means in performance terms, they are unable to release upgraded versions of our Gifford Primary app.

All school apps created by Piota will be held under “Piota Schools”.

The design and performance of the app is still the same, except for:

  • The icon on the device screen will be the Piota Schools icon
  • Alert notification will be titled as coming from Piota Schoolsapp

You can download Piota Schools now by searching for it by name in your app store or using these links:

Piota schools app (Android)

Piota schools app (Apple)

This change is happening now and we ask parents/carers to carry out this action to ensure you do not miss any vital information from school.


Instruction to download the new Piota School app:

  1. For your specific mobile device, go to relevant app store (Apple devices on iTunes, and for Android devices on Google Play)
  2. Search for “Piota Schools App” by Piota (see image 1)
  3. Download (install) the app on your mobile device
  4. Once downloaded, open the app and enter the school name and select from prompts list (see image 2)
  5. Your app opens and will remember your choice (see image 3)


Setting up the app:

Select year groups you are interested in (see image 4). The app will alert you to messages relevant to your selected year group only. Please leave the ‘Urgent’ alerts category turned on. These are messages for everyone and from the Head about urgent matters.

Anything the school publishes from now on will be reflected on both the existing app and the one in Piota Schools.

At some point in November they will de-list the current version of the app so only the Piota Schools version will be available.

If you need any help changing over to the new app, please visit our school office.

Key Tips

  • The Timeline tile contains a record of the alert messages you have been sent by the school. The circular counter on the app shows how many Unread messages you have.
  • It is a good idea to close the app when not in use. This allows content to refresh and you will not miss anything urgent since alert messages will pop up on your phone even when the app is off.
  • You can find a more detailed guide to navigating the app in the Information section of the app itself.