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Open Day Session

Starting Nursery is an important stage in your child’s life and a time of change for you all.

Whilst you may feel excited, you may also be a little unsure of what to expect.

Gifford’s Open Day session will help you and your child feel more confident at this time of change. The session will give you an opportunity to meet some of the staff from the school, find out more about your child’s learning and ask questions about things you might be unsure of. You will also be able to meet other parents and share experience.

You are welcome to bring your Nursery child along and they will be supervised by Nursery staff during the session where they will have the opportunity to play and meet some of their class mates.

Starting Nursery

Children will be allocated a morning or afternoon session before starting Nursery:

  • Morning Session 8.30am – 11:30am
  • Afternoon Session 12.20pm – 3:20pm

There is a 15 minute ‘soft start’ (08:30-08:45am/12.20-12.35pm) and ‘soft pick up’ (11:15-11:30pm/3:05-15.20pm) for every session and we ask parents to ensure they drop off and collect children within those times depending on what session they have.

Please remember, most children find the first few weeks at Nursery tiring even if they have been to Nursery or play group before coming to us. For the first few days, if needed you can come in and support your child in the classroom, however, due to the pressure of space we do not allow pushchairs in the Nursery. It would be most helpful if for the first few days you could leave younger brothers and sisters with a relative or friend and it is also very important that the children arrive on time and are collected promptly.

Stay and Play

If your child is not in nursery or not old enough to start nursery, our stay and play sessions are a great way for families to meet each other and have a change of scene and activities.

They are more flexible than a group, in that there is no expectation that parents/carers attend every week or get there for the start time.

Our stay and play sessions at Gifford Primary is run by our Parent Support staff Carla Foster.

Home visits

It is established practice at Gifford Primary to visit families at home before the children start at school.

For all children starting nursery, they will have a home visit by the nursery staff. If they are remaining in nursery for a second year or a couple of more terms they do not need a visit.

Home visits – your questions answered

What is a home visit?

As the name suggests a home visit is an informal visit to your home by the Nursery staff.

It is usually carried out when your child has been offered a place at the school but before they actually start.

Why do home visits?

Home visits are a really good way for staff to begin to get to know both you and your child and vice versa. It is a great opportunity to spend some time in a relaxed atmosphere, exchanging information and planning your child’s start to school. You will also have the chance to ask questions and express any concerns you may have. It is not an inspection of you or your home!

All information is considered confidential and will not be shared without your permission.

Who will do the home visit?

Visits will always be carried out by one of the Class Teachers and a Teaching Assistant.

How long will it take?

The length of the visit is usually 30 minutes.

What will happen at the home visit?

We know that children like to be busy and active! The Teaching Assistant will usually get to know your child by playing with them and sharing a box of our toys which the children can play with when they come to school in September.
Our Nursery staff will bring a few forms for parent/carer to sign about milk, trips etc, and a camera to take a photograph of your child for their peg and a book of photographs of our Nursery to show your child.

We will ask parents/carers whether your child will drink milk or water, whether you child has any allergies or medical conditions we need to know about; who will bring your child to Nursery and who will collect them at the end of the session; who we would call if your child was ill during a session; whether you have any concerns/queries about school; what your child enjoys doing, what they are good at, who they like to play with and if you have any questions you would like to ask us.

How should I prepare for a home visit?

Have all the registration forms to hand from the Induction Evening if you haven’t returned them already. Try to remove any distractions, for example family pets. It is also helpful if the television has been turned off. Have some of your child’s favourite toys or playthings available, as these can help the practitioner to engage with your child. Prepare a list of questions you may want to ask just so you don’t forget!