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Gifford Primary

Joining us at Gifford

Joining our Nursery

Gifford Primary has wonderful Nursery offering 120 part time places, 60 morning and 60 afternoon places.

Children who are offered a place either morning or afternoon, usually attend the nursery class for a year before starting in a reception class at primary school. The place offered will be part time only.

Children are eligible to start Nursery after they have turned 3 year old and you can apply for a place once your child is 2 year old.

Application forms are available at the school office. The application form, plus the originals of birth certificate and proof of address, must be returned to the school, where the school will take copies of the supporting documents. In the result of our Nursery being oversubscribed your child will be put on a waiting list and we recommend that you make alternative arrangements in case you are not able to secure a place.

We offer places as they become available throughout the year, so it is essential that you keep us informed of changes to your address and telephone number so that we may contact you.

We aim to have a mix of children in the afternoon and morning groups and allocate places with this in mind. You may state preference for morning or afternoon on your application form. However, we anticipate morning places will be very heavily over-subscribed and your change of getting a Nursery place are greater if you opt for the afternoon place. We cannot guarantee you will get your preferred session.

A place at our nursery DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PLACE IN RECEPTION. Application for admission into Reception must be made through the Local Authority, Ealing, who will allocate places.

Please remember if your child attends our Nursery you must apply for a reception place with Ealing Council. There is not an automatic right to transfer from our Nursery to Reception.

You can contact the school office to check whether your child is eligible for a Nursery place.

Joining our Reception

Reception class applications for Gifford are dealt with by your local borough, Ealing.

Applications can be made during the period from September till early January before the child is due to start. The annual deadline for applications is in mid-January each year and families are sent confirmations in April each year. More details on Reception admissions are available on the Ealing Council website.

Gifford Primary admits 120 children into Reception, organised into 4 classes. Please remember transferring from Nursery to Reception is NOT AUTOMATIC.

Tour of our Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Environment

Thank you for expressing an interest in our school, if you wish to visit the school you can book with the school office a tour of the Early Years Foundation Stage environment either by calling or emailing. Times and dates are available from the school office.

Induction process

Starting school is an important stage in your child’s life, whether it is Nursery or Reception.

The induction process helps us to foster a working partnership with yourselves and provides your child with a period of familiarisation with the staff and peers. We would encourage you to become as involved as possible with our planned activities even if your child already attends the school.

Please click on the year group- Nursery (FS1) or Reception (FS2) to view further information for children starting in September 2019.

Induction Day

Once we have received information about the places offered we will sent out invites for our induction meeting, which usually happens in the Summer Term, the term before they begin school.

This is an important meeting where we share information about starting school and we would encourage all parents whose children we are starting Nursery or Reception in 2018 to attend. On the day you are invited to attend please bring your child’s birth certificate along to the meeting to verify your child’s name and date of birth. We look forward to meeting you.

Home Visit

For all children starting nursery they will have home visit by the nursery staff during the later month of September.

If they are remaining in nursery for a second year or a couple of more terms they do not need a visit.

Taster Sessions

All reception pupils regardless of being a new to Gifford or not, attend a Taster session at school led by class teachers and approximately 5 or 6 families are invited to the class for the session eg. 9-11am.

During that period the family will receive some 1:1 time with the class teacher while the children can use activities within the classroom supported by the nursery nurse.

Starting at Gifford Primary School

At Gifford Primary School we have staggered in-take in both Nursery and Reception Year.

The staff are able to support individual pupils with the transition into the school environment and to establish important routines. It also enables the children to feel safe and secure in their new environment

Starting nursery does take a little longer than Reception, due to the number of home visits made in September.

Day to day basis in the Early Years

Every day, we provide opportunities for children to come together to share their experiences and have fun.

Our children are happy, proud and feel secure knowing that we celebrate their successes and value their achievements. The curriculum is centred around children’s interests with a balance of child-initiated and adult-led learning.