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Gifford Government, formally known as ‘School Council’ is formed by a representative from every class from Year 2 to Year 6, including our Hearing Impaired Unit.

We have two chair people from Year 6, who assists in running the meetings, take the minutes and do admin tasks.

Reps nominate themselves and are then voted in by their class members.

We meet fortnightly to discuss issues that face our Gifford students on a daily basis. We also discuss and implement changes and events in the school such as charities to support and how we will support them, which competitions we take part in as a school and the recruitment of new staff. We also feedback on important parts of school life such as; activities we would like to see more of or introduced, equipment and resources needed,  attendance, school meals and all school events such as assemblies.

Any child in the school that would like an issue raised at a meeting can approach their class rep and they’ll represent that person and discuss the issue at the next meeting. We also have an information board in the entrance hall to communicate with others what the school council is doing. Reps will also have regular contact with different staff members including our Headteacher.

Details of what the school council have worked on over the past years:

  • Charity events – Children in Need and Red Nose Day (we have organized events and activities and raised well over £2000 for these two worthy causes).
  • Set up competitions for children to take part in. Our biggest success was The Power of Poetry competition, where we had 12 children selected from thousands of entries, to have their original poems published in a book.
  • Awarded the first stage of Unicef UK’s Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA), Bronze: Rights Committed. This achievement shows that we are committed to promoting and realising children’s rights and encouraging adults, children and young people to respect the rights of others in school

Our School Council help to make important decisions about the school, such as:

  • Recruiting a new deputy head
  • Designing a new playground
  • Helping to improve school dinners, attendance and outdoor learning
  • What we’ll be doing for these rest of this school year:
  • Continuing to work with the Head teacher on developing the new school building and playground
  • Training new school council members
  • Running more competitions
  • Organizing another charity event
  • Taking part in the International Fair

Why being a part of School Council is important

Gifford is a large school, with many students. We are very lucky to have all of the resources that we do and the brilliant building that we learn in. It is important that children know that they are lucky to be at Gifford Primary School but that there are always ways to improve and make it even better.

That is just one of the jobs of the Gifford Government – to help make changes. When we meet we have great discussions about the things that go on in our classrooms and any issues we see, that teachers may not know about. It is important that pupil’s voices are heard and listened to and that is the job of the School Council. I enjoy being a part of it and knowing that what we say and do makes a difference.

by Gifford Government Chair

Gifford Government 2018-19

The members of Gifford Government have been elected for this year, with each class in Years 2 to 6 having a representative.